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RULES OF THE SAN ANTONIO CACTUS AND XEROPHYTE SOCIETY, INC. The San Antonio Cactus and Xerophyte Society, Inc. (the “Society”) is incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas with the mission to promote the study, propagation, and public awareness of cacti and other succulent plants. 1. The title of “Guest”: a. Identifies those individuals who hold no form of membership but who attend one or more of the Society’s meetings. b. Guests are limited to attending three (3) meetings as a guest after which time they must become a member in order to continue to attend. 2. Annual Membership Dues: a. Single Membership - $20.00 b. Family Membership - $30.00 c. Lifetime and Honorary members will not be required to pay dues. 3. Hosts of the Executive Board meetings will be paid $25.00 $15.00 per month for refreshments.Revised 02/15/2018 4. The Show Committee Chairman shall be selected at the first Board meeting after the Annual Show and Sale. a. The Show Committee shall supply, electronically or otherwise, the Executive Board with the Show Resource Document. The second Show Committee meeting shall be a joint meeting with the Executive Board to review the Show Resource Document. Revised 06/13/2018 b. Any member/vendor violating the Show Site Agreement will be banned from the following year's show. 5. Raffle and Auction Plants a. All members are encouraged to bring raffle plants/cuttings to the meetings. These donations should be free of any infestation. b. The value of auction plants shall be at least $5.00. In lieu of a plant, a $5 donation is acceptable. Sales tax will be included in the price of auction plants at meetings. c. New members and guests may be given a free plant to take home. 6. Honoraria for Speakers shall be as follows: a. Club members i. Residing more than 50 miles from the San Antonio Garden Center shall be paid $100.00. ii. Residing less than or equal to 50 miles from the San Antonio Garden Center shall be paid $50.00. b. Non-members shall be paid $100.00. c. Speakers shall be reimbursed for the cost of printing handouts at a reasonable rate. d. The Board must approve any honorarium in excess of those stated above. 7. Any two board members may decide to send flowers on behalf of the Society to an ailing member or to the family of a deceased member. The secretary must be informed of the decision to send flowers. 8. The fees for advertising in the SACXS Newsletter will be $15 for up to a half-page ad and $25 for a half- to full-page ad. 9. Funds will be made available to compensate for all reasonable expenses incurred in the production and distribution of the newsletter or other club materials. Reasonable expenses are defined as including, but not limited to, the cost of ink\cartridges, paper and other publication costs. 10. Library books will be available to all members for a loan of one month and be limited to two volumes at a time. 11. Any member wanting paper mail rather than electronic mail will be charged a fee of $20.00 per year.