SACXS Legacy Project

Established 2022

The Purpose of the SACXS Legacy Project will be to update the goals of the original SACXS mission through education and promotion of native and nonnative xerophyte species. 

The term “Legacy” signifies our inheritance of the original intent of the founding members, the responsibility of conveying this intent to current and future members. and to promote the conservation of threatened and endangered species. In essence, this legacy reflects the original mission statement of the club. 

The mission statement of the SACXS Legacy Project has been drafted as follows: 

“To increase the knowledge of, to propagate, to identify, and to conserve all species of xerophytes, and to encourage others to do the same.”


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Download the slide show about the SACXS Legacy Project below

Texas native Series

By Barbara Schulze

The first step is knowing the Native plants in our region

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